Music: Bios

Raymond Douglas Chong
Lyricist & Executive Producer

One sublime Friday, March 28, 2014, Raymond Douglas Chong joined Joseph Cassanova & Amour Mystique. He brought the essential luster for the band as their poetic lyricist. He is the mastermind of their Concept Album theme, amour between the Bamboo and the Peony. Ray is influenced by haunting vocals and lyrics of Phyllis Hyman.

Joey Perez

Joey Perez’s operatic vocals are influenced by Luciano Pavarotti. He was the vocalist on “Mercury”, “The Rising Sun” album; “Lonely Heart”, “Lonely Heart” album; and “Chosen by Force,” “Chosen by Force” album.

Steve Perez

Steve Perez’s melancholic melodies are influenced by Steve Clark of “Def Leppard” and John Spinks of “The Outfield”. He played with “Lonely Heart”, “Lonely Heart” album.

Chris Tapia

Christopher Tapia’s musical mastery is influenced by Ace Frehley of “Kiss” and Eddie Van Halen of “Van Halen.” He played on“Mercury”, “The Rising Sun” album; and “Lonely Heart”, and “Lonely Heart” album.